I didn't even make it to Burqa because Lady GaGa's "Gypsy" was enough for me to say BYE. I think @fivefifths is so on point here, my experience of what fellow white people define as "cool" is EXACTLY a self-assured dignity in the face of a society that negates and oppresses your being at every turn. Which is… » 7/31/14 4:53pm Yesterday 4:53pm

As a person who grew up with siblings, I always hope and pray these are predominantly written by only children. I actually think these stories are super homophobic in that they're another brick in the wall of "any close relationship must be a romantic relationship" homophobia that keeps a lot of people (men, mostly)… » 7/31/14 3:58pm Yesterday 3:58pm

My thoughts are with you and your beautiful kitties. I just lost my kitty of 16 years recently, it's tough stuff. Whatever decisions you make I know you will continue to give Molly back the love and comfort that she's certainly given you over these years. » 7/31/14 3:48pm Yesterday 3:48pm

A well-regarded games journalist and podcaster passed away last year and I was blindsided by how much it impacted me. It did feel strange to be mourning a person I'd never met. But really, I listened to him talk (on Podcast) 3+ hours a week, not to mention videos and written reviews, so in that sense I… » 7/31/14 12:26pm Yesterday 12:26pm

My favorite is California/Shanghai rummy. It's best with 6 or more and gets quite frenetic! You can "buy" cards out of turn sequence and there's a lot of encouragement to pick up and hold a lot of cards, so it's fun to watch someone go from holding 15 cards to going out all in one fell swoop. » 7/29/14 12:02pm Tuesday 12:02pm

I can't stand it. I did speech and forensics in high school, so that all got beaten out of us quickly (and replaced by "legitimate" conversational stalling techniques like rephrasing your opponents' arguments...) When it's just a personal conversation, whatever, I'm not going to judge — I'm not the biggest extrovert… » 7/25/14 3:27pm 7/25/14 3:27pm

Thank you for this! This makes me feel much more comfortable about taking photos and cell phone video of the neighbors who have their BIG dog off-leash and running around the complex constantly. Yes, I will email those to the management company, thank you. » 7/25/14 12:30pm 7/25/14 12:30pm

I've usually worked food rather than retail (it seems like people usually do one or the other) but I crossed over 2000-2001 to work at Borders around the holidays. Two days before Christmas I was working the register, and mid-morning before it got too busy a pleasant-seeming middle-aged woman came up to the register… » 7/24/14 7:26pm 7/24/14 7:26pm

Me too. Normal stress = "ugh, I don't want to eat." Panic attacks actually manifest as me thinking I'm gonna cube it and panicking about finding a bathroom or exit strategy until I get lightheaded and realize I'm having a panic attack. » 7/24/14 2:34pm 7/24/14 2:34pm

I love just how precisely Andy Borowitz looks the part. His whole demeanor reads "hack humorist just a hair too old to meaningfully connect to his target readership" so strongly it's like he walked out of central casting. » 7/24/14 2:30pm 7/24/14 2:30pm

I don't think that JPod was actually saying he likes to pee in his own mouth, just that he supports the freedom and discretion of fellow pee-loving patriots such as Mama's Big Boy and #1 Patriot himself, Todd Starnes. JPod is only interested in pee-pee if it is soiling his big David-Vitter-sized diap. » 7/24/14 1:21pm 7/24/14 1:21pm